Friday, December 16, 2011

Cablevision For Sale

Cablevision, the fifth largest cable operator in the US, is a very successful company. From its humble roots, it has grown and prospered with innovative marketing and an unabashed style of management. They coined the triple play campaign of cable, voice and data at $99 and heard initial jeers from other cable companies. But the campaign was wildly successful and soon these same naysayers were following Cablevision's marketing strategy. Even with Verizon FIOS in their neighborhood, they never wavered in their competitive fight.

At one time, they were operator and programmer with ownership of networks like AMC and MSG. But now each have been spun off into standalone, publicly traded companies. And Cablevision sits as simply a cable operator. So the loss of two executives, John Bickham, and Tom Rutledge, raises speculation that Cablevision may finally be for sale...for real this time. With Jim Dolan managing his primary interests of music and sports under the MSG Network, it may just be easier to sell the operation side.

And who might be interested? Time Warner Cable has longed for this operation since it has owned New York City. Other investors may simply be waiting to come in and snatch what has long been considered prime property. Is Cablevision for sale finally. The answer may shortly come out.

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