Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Will Siri Be In Every Apple Product

Everyone that has an iPhone 4S marvels how much they enjoy using Siri. It represents a major change with how we use our phone to call up apps or get answers to our questions. Whether it is a simple search, math question, emotional response or simply a phone number, Siri continues to prove itself as useful. And as we as users become more comfortable using our voices rather than our fingers to generate commands, it represents a turning point in our interaction with technology.

"But experts say that Siri – and what it represents – might be as subtly revolutionary as the iPhone’s multi-touch screen was when unveiled in January 2007. That’s because Siri isn’t just “voice dialling” or “voice recognition” (which tries to turn speech into its text equivalent); it’s “natural language understanding” – NLU, in the lingo." So how much longer before Siri is integrated in our next iPad or laptop. When will I be able to say "Siri, open word document...type please...To Whom It May Concern..." or "Open Best of Playlist".

As I finish reading the Steve Job biography, I marvel at how many devices he created that never existed before and how he made us want things we never thought we would need. Siri is one more technology that in his legacy he will have successfully launched within his closed end to end architecture. Siri will become the heart of all future Apple devices, future TVs included.

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