Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Welcome To The Tablet Wars; Excuse Me, I Need A Recharge

With the latest release of the Nook Tablet, the players are set for a big battle, Apple vs. Amazon vs Barnes & Noble. Each has a different take and each is offering it's tablet at a different price point too. The iPad is the most expensive while the Kindle is cheapest to buy. And the consumer is left to decide which offers the best value for its investment.

Both Apple and B&N have stores around the country, although the latter is far more accessible in cities large and small. Amazon has been trusted as well with the ability to get merchandise into homes quickly and just as easily accept returns. As far as the tablets themselves, experts will soon uncover what the advantages and disadvantages are for each and confirm what target market they each best serve.

At the same time, they all will struggle with the same universal problem, battery life. Having just emerged from a freak storm, with some homes out of power for a week, people were charging their mobile phones off of their car battery in order to stay connected. Tablets offering more to do than simple e-readers will also see increased consumption require frequent recharging. It will be the company that makes that quantum leap in battery life that will truly become the market leader.

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