Monday, November 14, 2011

Ready To Buy An E-Reader Or A Tablet

The Holiday Season is upon us and lists are no doubt being written on what to buy our family. And Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and others have delivered an array of choices for our purchase pleasure. So what will it be, a Nook, Kindle Fire, or iPad? With so many choices on the market, the decision only gets toucher.

Well hopefully the graph from this article will make your decision easier. Ultimately it depends on what your primary needs are for the device. Do you need it to be a reading device or is watching videos also important. Must it have a camera and do you want to Skype from it. Does budget matter and must it be a tablet when an e-reader is more than enough. And lastly, does knowing that these generations will likely be modified in another 6 months with a next version, change whether you buy the most or least expensive device.

The rise of these e-readers and tablets this Holiday Season will most certainly capture the public eye and the consumers' pocketbook. Which device becomes the De facto winner remains to be seen. We may see an e-reader winner AND a tablet winner, or one device will outweigh them all. The fight is on.

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