Monday, November 28, 2011

Apple TV Sets Coming in 2012

The Steve Jobs' biography refers to products in the pipeline even after his death and news around an internet TV continues to spread. There is word that Apple is working with Sharp to create the screen and that the set will do for TV what the iPod did for music. "Last month, it was reported that Apple had created a prototype of an internet-connected television product that can stream content from the cloud and use voice-control via Siri, the system incorporated into Apple's new iPhone 4S."

Great for those that don't use a cable box to receive their TV content, but what will Apple do to work successfully with cable operators. The cable remote has been repeatedly chastised as too many buttons, with too few features. It is too easy to press the wrong button and mistakenly turn off the TV or switch the channel. Apple successfully took a device and made it work with 1 button and then ultimately with simple touch. Today, a number of functions are successfully launched with voice, through Siri. It is less about the TV set and more about how one accesses its features.

What else is in store and what will a Job-less Apple look like, we can only wait and see. Let's hope that innovation remains its mantra.

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