Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We Still Use Cellphones When We Drive

Despite laws and fines, I continue to see people talking on their cellphones while they are driving. One woman refused to make the turn at the left turn light because she was too busy chatting. And my beep to remind her that the light was short and others behind her and me also wanted to turn, was met with the flipping of the bird. But her cellphone and driving use is not unique; people make and receive calls, read and write texts, and perhaps even surf the web. I have been guilty of cellphone use in the car and my wife has cured me of that habit. We are now always connected, but sometimes we should unplug.

We have gotten so comfortable being in an always on world, that we forget that it is sometimes to our advantage to be off the grid. For drivers it is the safety of the road, for them and us, and for users, it is not social media to engage when others are trying to engage us in person. Yes, I am guilt of that too. We look down at our cellphone rather than in the eyes of those that are talking to us. Socially wrong, yes, but not illegal.

Driving and using the cellphone is illegal. But whether it was or wasn't, it is simply unsafe. For ourselves and others on the street. We don't have to be always connected. And if we must, pull over and return the call.

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