Monday, September 26, 2011

The Rise Of The Tablet, More Context And More Connectivity

Apple's iPad has led the tablet revolution with others trying desperately to make inroads. From Samsung to Blackberry to the Nook, the table is becoming the must have device. And now Amazon will soon announce its own tablet.

The age of the tablet brings a whole new paradigm to the digital landscape. Hollywood is bracing for digital distribution, Netflix is pushing streaming, and print sees a new opportunity to recapture subscriptions and grow advertising. For The New York Times, digital subscription is growing as consumers are using their iPads at night to catch up on articles they missed earlier in the day. For them, it opens up a whole new viewing time that had died with the demise of the evening newspaper. The table rests in our kitchens, on our coffee tables and in our beds. And with this connectivity, the ads served can speak directly to the users interests and relevant to the time of day. Context and connection.

And as multiple devices talk to each other, the tablet with the smart phone, or perhaps with the big screen TV, data can be shared and connected. As other devices in the home get smarter, connectivity with a mobile device will only be enhanced. Our devices can talk to the refrigerator, HVAC and security system, and every other home appliance. And information can be shared among family members. We will be informed, entertained, and enlightened.

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