Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Univision Ratings Catching Up To NBC

As the latest Census revealed, the rapid growth in the Hispanic population is quickly being felt. In media, the launch of more Hispanic cable networks including Nat Geo Mundo and others are to take advantage in this large population as Hispanic TV isn't niche programming anymore. "Univision last week attracted more prime-time viewers than NBC, the second time in four weeks that the Spanish-language network edged out one of the Big Four." And while Univision is not consistently beating out NBC and NBC has had some programming issues of late (Jay Leno Show), it shouldn't take away the direction that viewership and ratings are going. From the big three to four when Fox joined and now the five with Univision taking a seat at the table.

It certainly isn't lost on NBC the need to embrace the Hispanic population. In fact, "separately on Tuesday, NBC corporate parent NBCUniversal said it was launching a sales initiative called 'Hispanics at NBCU.'" No doubt other networks, wether publicly or not, will embrace similar initiatives. But it shouldn't extend as a hiring initiative. More importantly, it means more multicultural faces on TV shows too.

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