Friday, April 8, 2011

QR Codes Appearing In More Places

Open up The New York Times, or any other newspaper, and look at the ads. If your seeing more and more QR codes, you are not mistake. Print advertising is becoming more and more interactive and the smartphone the conduit to this information. And as consumers we seem to be getting more comfortable keeping our smartphones at the ready, whether to snap a photo, record a video, or click a QR code. Fad or future may be the question, but for now it is the it thing.

So to hear that stores are also using QR codes on the shelves to make their products more interesting should come as no surprise. "According to survey results recently published by Arc Worldwide, 50% of consumers are using their mobile devices while shopping. In response to the increase in smartphone usage and QR code awareness, Macy's, Home Depot, Best Buy and other large retailers have integrated QR codes into retail displays." While I have yet to see these codes appear in any of these stores, I will be on the look out. While TV screens have popped out in these retailers, their loop of programming may quickly be ignored. A QR code linking to a website or video can talk more directly to the consumer about a particular product or service of interest.

If you haven't downloaded a QR code App, the timing is right to start. You just might find yourself reading your morning newspaper with a smartphone in one hand and a coffee in the other; or walking down the aisle with your shopping list and phone out at the ready. But please, don't QR and Drive. :)

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