Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Writers Guild and Producers Sign New Agreement

Remember the writers' strike a few years ago. Tons of people out of work. Movie and TV show production stopped. Neither side could agree how digital dollars were to be shared. And at the end, the writers lost and the studios and networks saved tons of money. And how quickly the viewers forget the wasteland of programming including the rise and fall of The Jay Leno Show.

Well as far the WGA seems to be concerned, there will be no repeat behavior as a new deal was quickly and silently signed. "The agreement comes after less than three weeks of bargaining, in contrast to a writers' strike in 2008 shut that down much of Hollywood's production for 100 days." Members still have to sign off on the deal, but it seems certain to be sealed. No one wants to repeat that fiasco again for quite some time.

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