Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hulu Ad Revenue To Double in 2011

Forget about their subscription revenue for a moment, Hulu is on pace to double its ad revenue this year. I guess the digital ad business is no longer pennies or nickels but starting to act like real dollars. "(CEO Jason) Kilar did not address some of the recent controversy surrounding Hulu, including a possible shift toward a pure subscription model, or a widely discussed blog post he produced a few weeks ago that seemed to take some shots at several of the company’s top TV network partners and their business models." He maintains excitement in Hulu's continued growth with subscription and other forms of consumer revenue.

It seems that not only are views rising, but so are the number of unique advertisers and content partners to the Hulu formula. The more to watch, the more people watching, the more desirable for businesses to advertise to these eyeballs. And so far, it seems that Hulu is not hurting the other viewing platforms...yet. But their success can only cause some concern that it may lead viewers to cut the cord with the cable operator.

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