Wednesday, February 2, 2011

XFinity TV App Now Offers On Demand

Quick, update your iPad and iPhone XFinity App, with new on demand deals struck, Comcast is making video content available on your mobile device. "The free app initially offers several hundred titles to customers, with access contingent on their cable TV tier. Full episodes include HBO's Boardwalk Empire, Showtime's Weeds and TNT's The Closer. According to Comcast, the streaming feature is available over any Wi-Fi connection." The most recent mobile video deals are with Time Warner networks including HBO, TBS, and TNT. And while on demand access is one step closer to TV Anywhere, missing still is accessibility to linear content.

Take for example today's unrest in Egypt. Having a linear feed of CNN on your mobile device means access to current news and information. And extra eyeballs should also mean higher ad revenue. It is the next step to true TV Everywhere and Anywhere.

Till then, it is nice to enjoy more video content on the go. This updated App is a strong step forward. But please, lets not stop.

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