Monday, February 21, 2011

What if Your IPhone Was A Wristwatch?

The older generation love their wristwatch. It is a necessary article of clothing to keep us informed of the time. And it replaced the once fashionable pocket watch. But today's tech savvy generation don't need a wristwatch anymore. Their pocket watch is their cellphone or iPod. And as the Apple iPod Touch has gotten smaller, there is interest in making it the next generation wrist watch. "When Scott Wilson posted his idea for an iPod Nano transformed into a wristwatch on crowd-funding website Kickstarter, he hoped to raise $15,000 to bring his invention to life. Two weeks later, he had $600,000 and new record: Wilson's project shattered 20-month-old Kickstarter's previous fundraising tally."

But what if the next generation wrist watch was actually an iPhone. Add a bluetooth ear piece, and the iPhone Wristwatch would seem to me to be the must have device. No pockets necessary, always accessible, and small and unobtrusive. No need to place your phone on the dining table when eating. Not uncomfortable in the pocket when sitting. And so ergonomically practical. As devices get smaller, they are easily misplaced. Changeable wristbands would keep the device fashionable. It seems Apple would enjoy selling another product and an iPhone Wristwatch could be a nice complement to the iPad.


  1. Andy, you forgot to point out that if it had a front-facing camera and Facetime, it's basically the Dick Tracy videophone watch come to life. Think about it.

  2. I'm not sure if that would be for me. As a DISH Network customer and employee I'm able to watch my *live* TV and DVR recordings on the go via my phone, and I'm not sure how it would look on a screen as small as depicted here. That's why I love DISH. DISH is the only one to offer a true "TV Everywhere" solution to all of it's customers, with the right equipment. And there are no extra fees. I highly suggest checking it out and you'll understand why I'll stick to an actual hand-held device.