Friday, February 4, 2011

Apple's Lemming 1984 Ad Keeps Coming True

Apple's Super Bowl commercial, modeled after 1984 and showing lemmings all in a line marching to their death is all coming true, and ironically it is due to Apple. With each new release of product, consumers are waiting in line for hours for their turn. Today, that line is for the Verizon version of the iPhone. "After less than one day Verizon sold out of its online pre-order stock of iPhones. When the phone goes on sale in stores in a week, we fully expect to see people lined up for blocks." And this need to follow the pack and wait in line with the hope of receiving a phone is a little too much. You can't wait a few more weeks for things to settle down. Afraid you might miss something. I simply find this need to wait in a line amusing and a little sad. Of course, it is all good business for both Apple and Verizon. With inventory selling out, the demand over supply mentality only builds more want. All I can say is chill. A couple more weeks to wait won't kill anyone and you will probably get better service getting your iPhone authorized.


  1. That's quite an astute observation. iPhone fans are acting exactly that way.

  2. Some people camp out on line for the opening of a Star Wars movie, some camp out for concert tickets, some wait outside Best Buy to get the new game the moment it comes out.

    There's a need to be first, a need to have something as soon as it comes out, and any good marketer knows the value of scarcity.