Monday, January 17, 2011

SAG and AFTRA Approve Contracts

The writers' strike a few years ago still propels bad memories. With many on the street and tons of productions stopped, the only group that seemed to do well were the networks that still had old content to distribute. SAG couldn't get their act together and the WGA learned the hard way that their tactics only cost their members money. I doubt any of them have truly recouped their losses.

So it is a welcome sight to hear read that SAG and AFTRA have quietly negotiated and approved a contract extension. "The new contracts boost base pay rates and contributions to benefit plans. Union negotiators had reached the tentative deal Nov. 7 and recommended it to the membership, with that deal coming only six weeks after talks with the Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers began on Sept. 27." let us hope that the WGA have as easy a time when their renewal is being negotiated. I would hate to see a repeat of history.

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