Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FCC Approves Comcast NBC Merger

One approval down and one to go. The FCC today has approved the merger of Comcast and NBC and the Department of Justice is expected to also approve. Obviously, the conditions for merger have been agreed to and we are on our way to a new mega-brand. "FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski approved of the joint venture late December, saying that ultimately the union would benefit consumers as Comcast promised to add 1,000 hours of news and informational programming to some channels, contribute $20 million in venture funds for minority programs, and $9.95 broadband Internet service for low-income households." Will the consumer gain in this transaction/ to me, the key remains competition. Encourage more competition in the wireless industry so that content can be accessed without a wire through multiple platforms.

For the new Comcast-NBC, the likely official turn the keys over date will be the last Friday in January. And with any merger, I am sure the employees on both sides of the fence are wondering, what does this new company mean to them and their job. WIll they be in or out? In short term all those questions will also be answered.

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