Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cable Companies Can Remain Leaders

We've heard of the triple play - phone, cable, broadband, now is the time to really embrace the quad play. No, I don't want cable companies buying Sprint or getting into the mobile phone business. rather, the fourth play is Wifi. With so many products accessing the web and cable content, cable companies should control that connection too. Need connection to your home voice mail, manage your DVR, or watch a show from work, why not on a device connected to your cable's Wifi platform.

For the cable company, a pricing strategy could include discounts based on level of service. A triple play customer gets the best discount, the double play customer a little less of a discount. It encourages retention of cable verse both telco and cord cutters. Obviously there is a cost to build out a wireless platform. But consider a consortium across the top cable companies, Comcast, Time Warner, Charter, Cablevision, and Cox, and the cable customer could have a real benefit to staying with their cable provider.

And customers could buy ipods, ipads, and other mobile devices without the expensive cell coverage. A less expensive wifi connection gets them all the coverage they need. Certainly the need is there for better wifi coverage. Cable companies could once again own the market and remain the leader.

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