Thursday, January 13, 2011

Buy or Wait - iPhone On Verizon Network

What to do, what to do. Buy or wait for the next generation of iPhones for the Verizon Network. Is the 3G network good enough or is it better to wait for the 4G version. And for those that have been waiting, what's another 6 months or year. Frankly these and other questions are being asked as Verizon gets set to presell it's iPhone. And with a 2 year subscription, buying early could satisfy the immediate craving for the device and 2 years will go awfully quick. By then, another cool generation will be released and the natural upgrade process occurs. And like buying a PC, they become obsolete so quickly, no matter when you purchase.

Verizon may also be dropping its discount phone purchase program. With demand so strong, why even consider discounting. So perhaps the best advice is take the plunge. No matter what you do, owning the device is better than continuing to wait to join the party.


  1. Two things:

    1: El Jobs will likely announce the next iPhone at WWDC in June. So it's basically a 4 month wait from the actual street date of the iPhone 4 on Verizon to the announcement of iPhone 5 and its street date at WWDC.

    2: T-Mobile is discounting service by $10-15 a month if you buy your phone at full price. It was the first carrier to implement what I consider to be honest pricing. Maybe Verizon will take a page from that book.

  2. I say just jump in.....there will always be another upgraded version, so why wait to have the technology now. You'll catch up at some point.