Monday, December 20, 2010

Google TV Delayed

Attention cord cutters, you may have to wait a little longer for your Google TV. More tweaks may be needed to build a consumer friendly platform and so Google is delaying its release. "Google has asked Toshiba, LG Electronics and Sharp to postpone launches of Google TV-based products, which had been planned for next month's Consumer Electronics Show, as the Internet giant needs more time to improve the software." First impressions are everything and if the Google software is problematic, smart to delay before the unveiling then try to fix later. By then, the damage would have been done.

Interestingly, internet connected TV sales are not doing well. "Last week Best Buy -- another key launch partner for Google TV -- reported weaker-than-expected sales for the quarter ended Nov. 27, blaming in part disappointing sales of Internet-connected TVs." Of course, why buy one if you already have a connection to the internet through your gaming devices like Wii, Playstation, and XBox 360, and DVD and blu-ray players. How many connections do I really need.

Can Google break into the game. Maybe not by CES, but 2011 should be an interesting year.

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