Thursday, December 2, 2010

FCC Again Pushing Net Neutrality Proposal

A topic that will not go away, net neutrality remains a key issue to the broadband highway. "At the heart of his (FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski) proposal are two broad ideas: 1) ISPs can’t block content or favor one service over another, but 2) variable pricing based on consumer use is OK. So equal to all but fees can benefit some over others. Is it open or not. Or can ISP providers choose how to manage traffic flow. And ultimately, why can't the consumer decide which broadband provider best serves their need. Encourage more competition at the ISP level, whether wireless or wired, so that ultimately, competition not regulation, is the ultimate decider. By lowering these barriers to entry, through tax breaks and other means, a fair market run by many will favor the current monopolistic tendencies that exist today.

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