Thursday, December 16, 2010

Are iPad Apps Killing Newspapers?

Seems like a redundant question. The fact is that the digital age is hurting the print media. For newspapers and magazines, consumers have gone to the clouds to aggregate and access their information. And with an economy in trouble, the web has proved far less costly a means to view content. Readers have gotten more and more comfortable reading articles on their computers and smart phones. The iPad is simply another product choice for viewing.

It certainly doesn't take a survey to see what is right in front of our eyes. Still it does verify the trend. "The survey showed that 58 percent of respondents who use the Apple tablet at least an hour a day for news are very likely to cancel their subscription in the next six months. One in 10 said they had already done so and have switched to reading digital newspapers on their iPad." Still content remains king and newer delivery methods that are faster and cheaper always beat out their more cumbersome rivals. It is a natural evolution of our changing entertainment landscape.

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