Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Apple 2011 Plans

Can Google of Microsoft beat Apple? It seems rather than innovate, they copy more to catch up than to lead. For Apple, the future is iPhone for Verizon, the next generation iPad, and new iPhone features. And let us not forget what Apple TV might finally emerge as a real must have product too. "Analysts are of the stern belief that 2011 will further have Apple’s domination in media headlines. Apple iPad 2, a revamped tablet with Apple FaceTime video chat and Verizon iPhone, a CDMA iPhone on the country’s largest cellular service provider Verizon Wireless will be the stars of 2011 for Apple." I know I keep waiting for the Verizon iPhone to be released although I have been told that I should wait till the 4G version is released, possible late in 2011. Till then, perhaps the iPad 2 is on my list.

While Google tries to be original, all Microsoft seems to do is keep releasing updates to its operating system. Their only recent success has been the XBox. But is that enough to continue or do they need some new blood to retake the technology lead. It seems they may have been resting too long on their laurels.

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