Monday, December 13, 2010

Another Broadcaster - Operator Negotiation

The end of year brings Santa, cold weather, and yes, another broadcaster and Operator negotiation. In this case, it is Direct TV and Hearst, who owns a number of local affiliate broadcast networks. "The Hearst announcement is the latest salvo in the ongoing battle between programmers and TV providers over carriage fees. Subscribers to DIRECTV, Dish Network, Cablevision and others have lost access to their favorite channels for a period of time this year because their providers could not reach a new agreement before the old one expired.' Markets potentially affected include Boston, Tampa, and 28 others. And for those markets, get used to ads touting alternate platforms to watch their channels. And like every other public negotiation, it will need get resolved until near or perhaps after the deadline. The result, a short term drop in carriage. But don't worry, this negotiation like the others before it will be resolved and order restored. And like every other agreement, the loser will be the customer.

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