Friday, November 19, 2010

Comcast NBC Deal Done?

Maybe it is because I am close to the cable industry, maybe it is typical for other mergers, but I have to say, I don't recall previous mergers announcing their management structure changes BEFORE the ink has dried. So, I find it quite unusual to read about management changes for NBC and Comcast prior to its approval by the FCC and DOJ. Is this typical?

What is the current management team supposed to do today? Is it like a lame duck Congress, filing papers and cleaning their desk? And what happens IF the merger is not approved. Is this deal rubber stamped for approval so no use waiting for the formalities. It just seems odd to me.

And what IF the merger is actually disallowed. Does everybody simply go back to square one and have a do-over? Is that possible or will bad blood exist as a result of the memo. As I said, it just seems odd that these announcements have been made prior to approval by the government. Unusual or not, let me know.

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