Monday, October 4, 2010

Sirius Subscribers Keep Growing

A friend of mine recently bought a new car with Sirius included. He took the trial membership and while his commute in the morning is short, he still enjoys his 15 minutes of Howard Stern each way. So I asked, "will you keep it when the free trial expires?" His answer, as long as he has the lease, he will continue to keep it. With the economy modestly improving, and car sales ticking upwards, Sirius' strategy of including in the car appears to be paying off. "The satellite radio company’s raised guidance means it expects its net subscriber growth for fiscal 2010 to be about 1.3 million, ahead of its August prediction of 1.1 million."

It seems Sirius is seeing an uptick. It most likely makes sense to assure your lead star, Howard Stern, remains part of the content strategy. He may not be the only reason consumers keep their satellite radio, but he does reach a very loyal audience.

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