Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another Rumor on the Verizon iPhone

No confirmed news from either Apple or iPhone, in fact, just the opposite. Verizon announced no iPhone. It's just that no one believes them. Maybe to protect sales of current phones maybe to keep building the excitement for the eventual announcement. Regardless, the rumor of a Verizon iPhone won't go away. "The Wall Street Journal reports that the CDMA-based iPhone is real, the rumors of Verizon getting the device are substantiated, and an order has been placed with manufacturing plants for millions of the device."

So when does the AT&T exclusivity deal expire and when will Apple or Verizon finally make the "official" announcement. "One leading theory is that Apple and Verizon will officially make the announcement of a Verizon iPhone in early January at the world's biggest trade show, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas." Don't expect the announcement any sooner. Or just ask AT&T when their deal ends; perhaps that is the ultimate reason why an announcement is on hold.

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