Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sirius needs Howard, does Howard Stern need Sirius

There was once a time when all negotiations were done behind closed doors; but today, most seem to occur across the media. The same holds true for the Howard Stern and Sirius negotiations. "While some speculate that Stern on Thursday was merely beginning the process of negotiating in public, the shock jock also indicated that he has no desire to bash his employer like he did before he ditched terrestrial radio for satellite radio." Of course, his agreement doesn't expire till the end of the year, so all this could simply be posturing for the best possible deal.

But exclusive content can drive distribution and so it seems that Sirius needs Howard more than Howard needs Sirius. Howard has many more choices although restarting in a new medium requires more energy than perhaps even Howard isn't willing to give. Going back to broadcast for Howard may be fodder that Howard made a mistake going to Sirius and is in need to reclaim his "King of all Media" crown. I expect that at the end of the year, Howard and Sirius will renew their vows.

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