Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Want My MTV

Almost 30 years, the cry of "I Want My MTV" was both a song refrain and the longing of a new generation for programming geared to them. The rise of a channel devoted to music, another to news, and another to sports was the start of the 1000 channel universe of cable programming. New cable networks arose although the mythical number of channels was never met. The cry for MTV brought more programming choice to the medium we love - television, and demonstrated that niche programming can survive.

That is for a time until the desire for more profits outweigh the desire to remain true to the niche one serves. Each channel, MTV included, broadened its programming format to widen its audience interest and raise its Nielsen rating. Every channel started delivering movies, cartoon channels added live action, old movie channels added new movies and tv series. Even MTV stopped showing music videos. Not one channel today has stayed true to its niche.

But the cry for more continues to ring out and today it is in the form of on demand programming. There may not be 1000 channels, but there sure is almost 20,000 hours of on demand programming. But viewers also want to watch content beyond the four walls of their home. The cry today is now for wireless and access everywhere; and with it more choice. While on demand rises, the need remains for access to live programming remotely as well. The cry is for connection - across devices, across platforms, heck even across continents. ALL CONTENT EVERYWHERE. Perhaps we need a new song refrain today to hype our hopes for this next want. "I want my content now".

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