Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blackpad vs iPad

Obviously, I haven't touched a Blackpad. But I can already tell you why it won't be as successful as the Apple iPad. The App Store. Ones has to look only as far at the success of the iPod to see why. Not only is the device simple to use right out of the box, it has the power of the iTune Store behind it to make it even more powerful. No other mp3 wannabe has come close to emulating the appeal of the device. And market share of the iPod confirms it.

Blackberry's new device faces the same problem. It has nothing to back it up. And as it tries to add features to get ahead of the curve, Apple will undoubtedly get to the market faster with its next generation. The iPad strategy will most likely follow its brother the iPod, with each generation giving us more while the past model is given a price discount to keep it on the market. "The BlackPad reportedly will sport as many as two cameras, with one pointed at the user for videoconferencing. " I'm confident that Apple has already planned for its next generation device to also have a camera.

The good news is that competition will keep Apple hungry, working its magic to bring better devices to the public.

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