Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blackbook To Be Called Playbook

The R.I.M. Tablet officially has a name and it is called the Playbook. No, not like an NFL Playbook, although the sports connection may have been intentional. It's intention to get in front of the Apple iPad with a tablet positioned to attract the business user. "Unlike the most expensive iPads, the PlayBook cannot connect directly to cellular networks. Users will be able, however, to connect to the Internet through a wireless Bluetooth connection to their BlackBerrys or by using Wi-Fi networks." At the same time, Apple is expanding the distribution through retail deals with Target and others.

The key for each is software and content that can run on their respective device. The Playbook will be Flash compatible; the iPad currently is not. In addition, "Amazon said that it would introduce a Kindle e-book application for the PlayBook." It's still Apple's fight to lose, but competition is what keeps innovation advancing.

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