Friday, September 10, 2010

Apple Flashes New Apps

Apple's strategy of doing their own thing regardless of the competition has suddenly hit a sharp left turn. Their exclusivity with AT&T left Verizon open to do other deals and competition has moved down the pike fast. Along with products that compete, apps that work in one world, but not Apple's has been a real challenge. At first Steve Jobs said no to Adobe's Flash, but competition from Google has altered that position. "Apple Inc is easing restrictions for building iPhone and iPad applications, a move that should allow for the use of third-party tools such as Adobe Systems' Flash software and ease tension between the two companies."

So if apps co-exist across products, I assume the next challenge for Apple is to remain innovative with product design. That does not seem to be a problem. Apple has proven itself numerous times with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Files from one program easily get manipulated in another program. The fact is that Apple products are built well and function even better. It behooves Apple to open up its App development to enable even more functionality for its devices. Apple truly builds products with ergonomics in mind. Ultimately, Apple will continue to distance itself from Google in building devices that further improve the convergence of content across distribution platforms.

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