Monday, August 2, 2010

Wireless Everywhere

I have been wondering lately, what will it take to have WIFI everywhere. No, I don't mean at my Starbucks or in the Library, I mean everywhere. At the supermarket or on the beach, at the mall or at the ballpark, in the car or bus or train. I mean everywhere. And while I doubt that accessibility would be free, I would see its added value, especially if my cable provider offered WIFI everywhere as an added service. Then I could Skype, watch videos, get stock quotes, read blogs and news articles, download a book. Heck, maybe the cable operator will enable me to access my local TV channels LIVE.

But with all this openness, I wonder how safe my data is. Should I only surf unimportant sites, saving my need to get into my bank website only when I am wired? Certainly, the average consumer needs to be marketed on all the benefits a fully WIFI world can offer and ease the concern on the possible risks. At the end of the day, wouldn't full accessibility be wonderful. Would I really need 3G or 4G cellular if I could use a WIFI connection to talk and interact with anyone, any site, anywhere, anytime, any device. And could I have it any time soon.

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