Thursday, August 5, 2010

Should Apple Worry About a Mototola Tablet?

Apple's exclusive deal with AT&T has left Verizon open to find other hardware partners to support. In the world of tablets, the iPad remains at top, but the charge is coming. And with the backing of Verizon, Apple might be worried. "The device, which will have a 10-inch screen and operate on Google’s Android software, could launch as early as this autumn in the US." Can it match the style and ease of an Apple iPad?

And while it may not have Apple Apps, it may have something better. "The Motorola tablet’s integration with TV is a key competitive advantage against rival developers." Enabling remote access of TV channels on its Tablet would be impressive. But it may not be as easy as that, otherwise Apple would have already done it. Will the content providers, ABC, CBS, NBC, Scripps, Discovery, and others allow their signals to be transmitted outside the wired FIOS model. Yes Slingbox does it, but this may be more complicated. Or it may simply require the user to pay an extra fee for this feature. Will it be a game changer or will it push Apple to authorize Verizon sooner rather than later? Change is acoming.

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