Thursday, August 19, 2010

FIOS Everywhere Only Inside The Home

Verizon has an announcement that will revolutionize the "anywhere" concept - sort of. "Verizon FiOS TV subscribers will get to play with several new multi-platform video applications over the next year, including an iPad app that will allow subscribers to stream live cable network feeds to the Apple tablets. The iPad app, which expects to be launched sometime next year, will allow authenticated FiOS subscribers to view live content from their cable boxes on their iPads from within their own homes". The last four words changes the whole value of the opportunity. Great that Verizon is working with the iPad; Fantastic that content can leave the TV screen; Limiting that it can go no farther than your front door.

It is also interesting to note that content does not include everything on your cable box. Again, according to the article, Verizon is negotiating rights. So right now there is no approved content. How does Slingbox move content and FIOS can't do the same thing. The opportunity to push content off the cable box to a different device like the iPad is a game changer. But not with the two limitations that FIOS faces, geography and approved content. Without both of those issues handled for all content anywhere you travel, the new app will be all smoke and mirrors.

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