Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sirius XM's 2Q Subscriber Base at Record High

Sirius is showing signs of recovery. As car sales grow, so too do Sirius customers. They had one of their best quarters in a long while. "The satellite radio company ended the second quarter with a record 19,527,448 subscribers, marking an increase of more than 1.1 million subscribers since June 30, 2009." That is more than a half a million customer adds in the last quarter. Sirius is revising third quarter growth estimates higher as a result.

While I am not a Sirius customer, I am a Sirius stockholder. I remain cautious given the growth in wireless and the ease of bringing mobile devices like blackberries, ipods, ipads, and others into the car. Since these devices receive internet radio, why buy a Sirius subscription. As sports, music, and news are just as easily received through these devices, will the customer prefer to buy content for a mobile device that can go into the car. That remains the bigger challenge for Sirius to overcome.

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