Thursday, July 22, 2010

Interactivity Through The Set Top Box

A lot of work is happening to improve the functionality of the TV screen. The opportunity to press your select button on your TV remote to get information sent to your home, request a coupon, vote on your favorite actor, and one day order that QVC shirt right from the screen. All with a press of a button. But does the viewer want to talk to the TV or are they now accustomed to keeping their laptop open while they watch and interacting through their computer. Or even better, through their mobile phone. And once the iPad finds itself on every coffee table, through that or another table top device. Has the set top box missed the opportunity? Are they too late to the dance?

Given the cluckiness of the TV experience with buttons that can only be accessed left, right, up, or down, and no keyboard to type easily, the set top is an imperfect device. And the corresponding TV remote is so filled with buttons that it takes a moment to figure out which button is the right one to press. Take too long, miss the opportunity to interact. On the other hand, the mobile phone has fewer buttons and has become more ergonomic to use. The rise of the "jagtag" lets consumers take a picture and send to request anything they want. The phone shares where info can be sent. Does interactivity on the set top beat that experience? Can it be rebuilt to be a better experience? Cable must build a better mousetrap for set top interactivity in order to find success.

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