Thursday, July 15, 2010

Be Careful What You E-Mail

Starz's president, Chris Albrecht, has really demonstrated how careful you need to be with email. I am sure many people have mistakenly sent emails to people not intended to receive them. With programs that help to fill in the remainder of an address as you start typing, it is too easy to let a name slide by and not re-check that the list is accurate. Hence, never write anything in an email that couldn't be read by anyone.

Unfortunately, Chris did not heed that advice. He sent an email about the pending firing of two executives to the entre company email distribution list. And who should read it, the two people who he was targeting. "Realizing his goof, Albrecht immediately called Bill Myers, president of Starz Entertainment, to inform him of the error. During their conversation, McGurk called Albrecht and told him that he had seen the e-mail. Later that day, McGurk and Rosett tendered their resignations." They fell on their swords, an honorable way for the two execs to leave. For Chris Albrecht and others, a painful lesson to learn.

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