Monday, July 5, 2010

Apple TV Coming Back

Plenty of buzz from unnamed sources but no official word on the next iteration of Apple TV. What is also speculated is that Apple must gear itself for a less memory-centric model and move to a cloud computing world where info is centralized and not kept in individual devices. "So it’s almost certain that an iOS / A4-based Apple TV is on the horizon, but it will only be ready once Apple completely revamps iTunes for the cloud." Is that in the clouds or the next reality?

For me, the Apple TV device should connect with the cable box to extend its range and value and bring the internet to the TV and TV to Apple devices in the home. A server of sorts that can talk to iPads, iPhones, iMacs, etc. Sharing shows, videos, movies, calendars, and more. And making the cable set top box easier to navigate, working behind the TV and not in plane view.

What does Steve Jobs have planned for Apple TV? It seems something is coming.

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