Friday, July 16, 2010

Apple IPhone Response - Will It Be Too Little Too Late

Later today, Steve Jobs will hold a press conference in response to the iPhone antenna proble. As his initial response rubbed many the wrong way, his "second" chance should prove most interesting. Already speculation is that their will not be a recall, but what should he do? I suggest he go over the top to put customer ahead of dollars. He should offer to every iPhone customer a free casing to protect the device from disruption. And not just any casing, but one perceived as quality and value. Offer multiple colors, put the Apple logo on it, and hey, offer to print on it a free monogram or the user's name. In addition, offer an immediate and free software upgrade to correct the signal feature and improve reception. And lastly, offer a huge apology for not initially respecting his customers with a promise to never under estimate their loyalty. As a marketer, this response will have long term effects on the Apple brand.

So what will Steve say at his press conference? We must wait and see.

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