Monday, May 17, 2010

Here Come The Broadcast and Cable Upfronts

Remember last year when NBC said they were no longer going to do an upfront; rather , they would visit each agency and personally present to them. Well this year it is out with the new and back with the old. The upfronts are here. And with jay Leno back in the Tonight Show, NBC has figured out another way to piss off its audience and New York City. The cancellation of Law and Order, one season shy of tying Gunsmoke, is making news. In addition it is being replace with L&O, Los Angeles. Now New York actors have lost both soaps as a means to get work and L&O. Wow!

So which network will make the biggest buzz and can broadcast nets beat their cable siblings in ratings. It used to matter when they were owned by different companies. Less so today. Will they learn how to embrace technology and make social networking work in their favor? Or will they continue to forget that DVRs and VOD can be their friend and Facebook can grow ratings.

The Upfronts are here. Like a horse race, it will be fun to watch which shows win and which are cancelled early.

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