Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Forget The Triple Play, It's Now The Quad Play

What do the telcos have that the cable companies need, a cellular leg. "AT&T is completing the grand slam with a price break of up to $60 per month on a four-service bundle -- with U-verse TV, phone, Internet and wireless phone -- which the telco emphasized most cable providers can't match." Not really that revolutionary; Verizon has been offering the same packaging with Fios. And cable has shown that packaging of services that demonstrates savings to the consumer is a big winner. And as consumers drop their wired line for a purely wireless phone, the telcos have the advantage. So what is cable to do?

One solution in the works is building out wireless inside their footprint so that consumers can remain connected away from the home. As mobile devices connect through wireless hot spots, as opposed to cellular, cable could offer phones that bring all its content as well as communication to the consumer. Skype represents one such avenue. And it enables the user to offer video capability with the phone call if they choose.

So quad play, like triple play may soon be a misnomer. In the end, consumers want a wire and wireless solution for the home and on the road. Show the consumer that complete connection and own the marketplace.

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