Friday, May 21, 2010

Another Reason For Cable To Worry - Google TV

Truthfully, you don't need Google to connect to web content. But as more entrants develop tools to bypass cable and bring easier controls and choice through the web to the TV set, why bother with cable.

Today's TV sets are being manufactured with web connections, so are ancillary devices like blu-rays, game consoles, Apple TV, and others. One thing that is not being built into these devices, CableCards, or any other authorization device to unscramble cable programming. As consumers grow tired of cable company's iron grip on access, they will move toward the web. Will Google TV be the answer. Doesn't seem that revolutionary based on the above clip. But the fact is that the solution is in the web and cable companies must do a better job of embracing it; else, the consumer will cut the cord.

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