Friday, April 9, 2010

Tivo and Dish, Will They Merge?

Dish has lost the fight against Tivo. In fact, Dish has until the end of the month to either pay or turning off their customers' DVRs. Heaven forbid the latter, as they would have a nightmare on their hands. And so the Citibank speculation is that Echostar will acquire Tivo.

Sounds simple, but life never is. Despite expecting a huge settlement, Tivo also has other suits to settle and potentially an even larger payout. Is Dish their best partner or would it make more sense to price itself out to the highest bidder. Maybe Direct TV has an interest or even Verizon. And don't forget Comcast although their hands are full with the NBC Universal merger attempt.

So watch the stock market closely as the financial players might smell M&A blood.

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