Monday, April 26, 2010

Kindle vs iPad, Which To Buy For E-reading

Thinking of switching from paper to plastic; sorry, I mean from paper to e-reader. Is now the time to make a switch? Which device to choose - Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc. "Amazon is clearly emphasizing Kindle sales and its status as their premier product in response to the potential competitiveness from Apple’s tablet device, the iPad. Amazon subsequently released its own iPad app for the Kindle, to compete with iBooks." So how will it really shake out.

Obviously Kindle has a good year's jump on Apple but the iPad is proving to be a formidable competitor. And I wouldn't look too closely at this first generation product as speculation of iPad's future models make it even more of a must have product. And how many devices must we carry remotely to be connected: a phone, a reader, a laptop. As our phones provide web connections, with video, do we need a reader to do the same. Or should it remain true to its core use, bringing the written page to a device in an easy to read manner, emulating a book design, but lighter and easier to hold and carry. Can the iPad compete in this scenario or are its uses best needed elsewhere. Could the Kindle and iPad prove more complementary than competitive.

Ultimately the consumer will decide how they best want to use each of these devices and how each fits into their daily lives. As for me, I continue to wait. Still too early to buy, but certainly engaged in their progress and which would better work for me.

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