Thursday, March 11, 2010

Google CEO: mobile computing reshaping Internet

The cellphone has changed computing! "Google's CEO says mobile smartphones are transforming the Internet" in so many ways. For both Google and Apple, the smartphone adds a convenience in exchange for a smaller screen. I've seen it firsthand. Need a railroad schedule, its at your fingertips; need directions or GPS, just tap a few keys. And do it without being tethered to a computer screen; rather, on a device that comes with you than you going to it.

Given its compact size, the smartphone becomes a must-have accessory 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And with that number of eyeballs comes subscription revenue and advertising opportunities. Convenience, portability, internet access, knowledge. The proliferation of apps simply helps to expand the value of the device.

And so I wonder if a tablet device, too small to replace a computer, to large to fit in a pocket, will become the next must-have device. Will men start carrying manbags for their tablet, comb, and wallet? Or will the smartphone be good enough to handle the computing and reading and viewing needs of the consumer? Or will we need both! Stay tuned.

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