Monday, March 22, 2010

FCC Seeks Public Comment on Comcast NBC Merger

As part of the merger process, the FCC is asking for public comment by May 3. Just wondering, does the FCC even know about the internet or blogs? Besides my own, there exists more public comment than you can shake a stick at. So why not synthesize what is being written to get a greater sense of what the implications of this merger could be. "The FCC process is just one part of a comprehensive regulatory process for the $30 billion joint venture between the No 1 U.S. cable operator and NBC Universal, which as well as a national TV network also owns cable networks, including USA Network, CNBC and MSNBC. The transaction, which has caused an uproar with consumer groups and smaller cable providers, is also being examined by the Justice Department's antitrust division."

Antitrust, do ya think? Businesses and government have faced issues with vertical integration for too many years. Movie studios and theatres are the best example of restricting vertical integration. Unfortunately, the difference between broadcast ownership and cable ownership is the slippery slope that we have slid down from. Hard to say no to broadcast ownership for cable operators when cable network ownership has been granted for years. Still the line in the sand must be drawn.

On the side, just watched the last episode of 30 Rock, where NBC is being bought by Kabletown. Hilarious! Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. But in its satire comes a lot of truth.

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