Monday, March 29, 2010

DirecTV Puts On ESPN's 3D Glasses

I just spent too much money for a family of four to see "how To Train Your Dragon" in Real 3D this weekend. My kids were excited; I was not. Early on in the film, the 3D created a nice effect of delineating foreground from background. But as the story took root, I nearly forgot that it was in 3D, except that I hated wearing the glasses.

And so networks are launching 3D channels, TV sets are being made with 3D capability, and even blu-ray players come with the 3D option. And I keep wondering why? What works as an added value for a theatre experience, seems silly for a home experience. At the movies, we focus entirely on the screen; at home we multitask, even as we watch movies at home. We chat on the phone, we email, we go on Facebook. Are we really going to keep these glasses on watch at home. And while I love watching sports on TV, I don't think the 3D experience will improve it.

I'll wait for the day that technology enables 3D without the glasses; I may even wait till we build 3D rooms to watch so that we are feeling immersed in the action of the movie or the sport. Until then, no 3D TV set for me.

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