Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ABC's Fight Doesn't End With Cablevision

ABC may have drawn its line in the sand when negotiating with Cablevision, but it's impact was also meant to be felt with Time Warner Cable. "Disney may repeat the maneuver if it can’t reach a deal with Time Warner Cable Inc. once their agreement ends in August, according to Wunderlich Securities LLC analyst Matthew Harrigan." And ABC isn't afraid to pull its programming off, even if a big event is possibly affected. Perhaps the notion that these problems aren't going away will be noted by the FCC before it reaches the next deadline. It is better to make changes in the direction before the gaping hole is too close to easily maneuver around. These issues need to be reconciled now by the FCC, both because of these kind of public concerns and because of the potential merger issues that an NBC Comcast combination could cause. The FCC needs to be proactive, not reactive.

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