Monday, February 1, 2010

Will Apple iPad Be a Revenue Winner?

Does the iPad have what it takes to be a must-have product and revenue winner? It seems that the news is mixed; some like the low initial price point, others are critical with its limited abilities. And from announcement to availability is at least 5 weeks. Does that work in favor or against Apple? I hoped to see it at the Apple Store, even if I couldn't purchase, but found nothing available yet.

One interesting idea that I read was that a home would have multiple iPads around the house, each sharing data for the home, calendar, music, notes, etc. It would be kinda cool to have one upstairs and one downstairs, and able to refer to it for everything from kids' school calendar to supermarket shopping list; plus interact with the web, getting stats while watching a game, or playing music that was from my home computer itune's account. if the iPad can act like that, a convergence tool that connects to the home computer and other iPad's in the same home, that would be the ultimate advantage. Sign me up, I might just buy one now.

Bloomberg thinks the price point is still high. "Apple will start selling three models in the U.S. in March, priced from $499 to $699, that let users connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi networks. Three models that work with AT&T Inc.’s 3G wireless-phone network will go on sale in April for $629 to $829, with an additional $14.99 or $29.99 a month for a service plan." Given how the iPod grew, I would suspect that the next iteration of iPad would see a lower price point. As that price point approaches $300, multiple iPads in a home might just be a reality.

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