Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What's Up With Sirius?

It seems the stock price. Sirius is on a roll and shareholders are paying attention. Back in August, Sirius was trading under fifty cents and in the last couple of months, it's price is hitting near a dollar. That is quite a 100% jump in only 6 months. "Everything seems to be going the company's way these days, after capping off a roller coaster of a year in 2009, with the resumption of subscriber growth, free cash flow generation, and credit rating upgrades."

Can Sirius continue to grow or do they need to be acquired in order to capitalize on all the technological change occurring around them. Will it be necessary for Sirius to reduce it's number of shares through a reverse stock split in order to remain listed on NASDAQ? Will Howard Stern stay on and re-sign his contract? Lots of questions. But it sure is nice for shareholders to finally see a rise in the stock price.

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